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Nissan GT-R Anniversary paddock in partnership with Litchfield!

In 2007 Nissan unveiled its new flagship performance car, the GT-R, to the world. 10 years on and the GT-R is most likely nearing the end of its production cycle. So for Japfest 2017, we will be celebrating its anniversary thanks to owners club Battalion30Five and renowned tuning company Litchfield, in a display featuring all facelifts along the way!

In its initial production form, the GT-R produced a claimed 478bhp from a 3.8-litre V6. But it wasn’t its power figures alone that stole the hearts of so many. Its AWD technology along with a whole host of other gadgets and gizmos made this one of the most advanced and highest accelerating vehicles ever produced. The GT-R carried the weight of its ancestor’s prestige in its name. Despite dropping ‘Skyline’ from the model, the GT-R is very much the product of continued development following the R34 Skyline’s production end. Not only that, it also continued its popularity in the modified car scene. Just like the RB26DETT engine, the VR38DETT was very responsive to tuning. Simple ECU fiddling will up the power considerably. Many owners haven’t stopped there either with figures reach 800, 900 and well above 1000bhp. The GT-R is considered one of the best cars in the modified world and it’s easy to see why.

Battalion30Five, a friendly invitation only R35 Owner’s Club, will have a heavy presence in the paddock thanks to being one of the most active R35 owner’s clubs out there. Alongside trips to iconic European circuits, Battalion have a passion for using their cars as often as they can simply because they love them. The passionate owners will be in and about the paddock all day so why not go and chat to the guys and girls about their stories with the car, and more importantly, what they’ve done to make their cars unique as we celebrate 10 years since the GT-R’s unveiling.

Having started over 19 years ago, Litchfield has grown year-on-year to become one of the most recognisable names in higher performance car sales and tuning. This family-run business offers a friendly service like no other by prizing customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities. Litchfield’s critically acclaimed service and upgrade centre ensure customer’s vehicles are looked after by the very best technicians. Becoming well-known for its GT-R tuning packages, thanks to its understanding of the market had received wide praise from the media with features in five Evo Magazine Car of the Year events, two Autocar Driver’s car of the Year, four Fifth Gear features and a number of industry awards such as Evo Magazine’s Tuner of the Year in 2010. 

We are proud to welcome both Battalion30Five and Litchfield in this celebration, so make sure you pop over to the GT-R paddock to learn more about these amazing machines and how you could benefit from the expert know-how of Litchfield.