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Fast Car Magazine

Fast Car magazine team will be rocking up to Japfest bringing along some awesome feature cars – don’t miss these cars on their stand!

1) Julien Fisher’s WRX
This is without doubt one of the coolest Scoobies in the country and it really took the show season by storm in 2014. To freshen things up Julien has ordered himself a new set of killer rims for 2015, he’s hoping to have them on at the show. Come over and take a ganders at this stanced Impreza and don’t forget to check out the boot build for a truly inspirational mod!

2) Initial G’s Type R
We like to practice what we preach at Fast Car Magazine and Initial G’s 315bhp naturally aspirated EP hybrid certainly proves that. Make sure you take a look at the 2.4-litre Frankenstein engine, the crazy cage and Takata seats… the only thing that’s not cool about this car is the owner.

3) Chris Sutton’s Drag EG
This EG is more at home at Santa Pod than Castle Combe but hopefully bribing Chris with an endless supply of Jaffa Cakes has done enough to convince him to bring the horsepower-hungry Honda to the West Country. This thing eats Ferraris for breakfast.

4) Leigh Cornish’s CRX Del Sol
This CRX is so fresh we haven’t even had a chance to feature it yet (hence the build pic)! We were going to shoot Leigh’s Honda last year but he persuaded us to wait a few month while the car had a complete colour change, new wheels and some other trick touches added. We’re looking forward to seeing this one as much as you!

5) David Higson’s Mazda3 MPS
There’s not many 4WD, 600bhp Mazda3s in the UK, in fact we’re pretty sure this is the only one in Europe and we’ve got it on our stand! Well, it should be on our stand as long as David doesn’t have any more teething problems with the car. It’s not easy being a pioneer!

6) Mark Loony’s Civic VTI
Mark has been working hard over the winter on his hydraulic suspension equipped EK Civic and has forked out on a new set of iconic Japanese rims. This thing will quite literally give you the horn, because Mark has wired in a train horn just for giggles. So be warned when you’re walking past this hot Honda.

7) Stevie Bruton’s S14
This S14 was featured in Fast Car a couple of issues ago because of its unique mix of combining Show and Go styles. Slammed on air-ride suspension over some custom painted Work Rezax wheels this 300bhp S14 still isn’t afraid to go sideways. If it’s not on the stand… it might well be on the track.

8) Willum Long’s 360Z
We love a retro Jap car on FC and one of our favourites is this Zealou5 tuned 260Z! While there is no doubt this will be at Japfest, there is some doubt whether it will be on our stand because everyone want’s Willum’s 260Z on theirs!


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