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Evo Vs Impreza

You won’t find a rivalry quite as bitter as the Evo vs Impreza debate. And it certainly won’t be solved any time soon! So for this year’s Japfest we’ve decided to embrace the battle and pit these two iconic rivals into battle on our specially designed handling course. Are you Team Evo or Team Impreza?

The battle started in the 90’s with the arrivals of both models. The Subaru had its prestige cemented in rallying with the likes of driving gods Colin McRae and Richard Burns tearing up the WRC stages in their Imprezas. The Evo’s life in rallying didn’t start until 2001 with the birth of Ralliart, but it was also graced with legendary drivers such as Tommi Makinen, who later went on to have a special edition Evo VI, regarded as one of the best Evo’s built.

Generations have moved on since the fabled rallying days with both manufacturers leaving the sport in the mid to late 2000s. Now, neither model (in name) exist on a production line with Subaru dropping the ‘Impreza’ name in favour of just ‘WRX STI’ and Mitsubishi ending production of the Evolution Lancer all together.

Some would argue that the Imprezas name of late has lost its origins and lacks the sharpness that the Evo offered. Others argue that the Evo was overhyped and lacked the Subaru’s pedigree. Which ever side you choose there’ll be plenty of incredible examples on show for you to ogle over.

 How to Enter

If you would like to enter the Evo Vs Impreza face-off you must be booked as either a club or individual display to attend Japfest Silverstone. You must complete and return the entry form found here and read through the terms and conditions here