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Drift Kings 2015

The awesome Drift Kings competition is back for 2015 and is sponsored by Toyo Tyre. Drift Kings is a drifting competition with some of Europe’s top drift cars and drivers competing on the car killing Castle Combe circuit for a ‘winner takes all’ prize of £1000, a trophy and the glory of winning Drift Kings 2015 in front of over 16,000 people. 

The Competition

The competition will be run over three dedicated drift sessions and will be judged on style, smoke, skill and entry speed. This is a no-holds-barred competition that will not be for the faint hearted. Expect to see balls out drifting from the best as they compete to impress the judges and take home the prize!


If you hold a drift license sanctioned by a professional body and want to register your interest competing in Drift Kings please fill out the Drift Kings Driver Profile Form and drop this in an email to us with some images of your car [email protected]

Vehicle Requirements

• Minimum of a 6 point roll age including a drivers side door bar.
• The minimum of a 1kg hand held fire extinguisher which must be in good working order ie the pressure gauge in the green and no older than 2 years if dated.
• A full face helmet, open face helmets will be allowed but a fireproof balaclava must be warn.
• A fire proof all in one race suit. Go kart suits will be allowed.
• Fire proof race boots, trainers are strictly forbidden!
• All drivers must wear fireproof gloves.
• Fuel filler necks must be on the outside of the vehicle, if not a firewall must in place.
• Cars must be in a good road worthy condition.
• No leaks of any kind will be allowed.
• Appearance is important, no cars with odd coloured panels.
• All cars should be washed and presentable.


The competition will be split between three sessions throughout the day, each judged by different criteria.

  • Session 1 – 11:00
    Run one to be judged on the line used around the judged section of track.
  • Session 2 - 13:24
    The second run to be judged on entries, speed and angle.
  • Session 3 - 15:30
    Run three to be a combination of all aspects.




Silverstone Circuit
NN12 8TN

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