Power & Style Awards

The Power & Style Awards in association with SFS Performance are back! The concept of the Power & Style Awards is simple: if you’ve got an amazing Japanese car, then you could be in with a chance of winning some great prizes! All entries will be featured on the Japfest website below. Click here to find out more…

All entries must be submitted by midnight 28th April.

Power & Style Awards


Power & Style Awards - Shara Harrison

Shara Harrison’s Subaru Impreza

Getting rarer and rarer this is my low mileage forged Type R, which sounds amazing with its full Buddy Club exhaust system. I still have a list of things I want to do to it, but when ever does the list ever end?

Power & Style Awards - Nei Westley

Nei Westley’s Nissan R35 GTR

Decided to mod it but to leave it as stealthy as possible. As such most of the mod work has been on the engine, gearbox internals and suspension, brake setup. It is now running 800bhp with 750ft/lbs torque.

Power & Style Awards - Tom Steeples

Tom Steeples’s Mazda Rx8

Firstly, her name is Mary… She’s the black beauty of the Midlands, making her début at Japfest with Just Jap car club. She might not be the most eccentric coloured or the beast on a track, but she certainly turns heads sporting one of a kind lambo doors.

Power & Style Awards - Shane Ludgate

Shane Ludgate’s Subaru WRX STi

Modified to 381.9 bhp by Engine Tuner with Alcatek Ecu and Tucan touch screen, flat foot shift, launch control and Anti lag. Rota Grids and some sweet mods. This car has a massive fan crew and has lots of Togs check it out on Car Scene UK.

Power & Style Awards - Ali Hameed

Ali Hameed’s Lexus IS250 SR

True to its roots, My Lexus IS250 SR is unique by having classy modifications that keep it in the VIP Jap Scene. Car has been built over the past 3 months to make it show worthy. Now its time to let the world see the changes.

Power & Style Awards - Will Long

Will Long’s Datsun 260z 1974

From fairly standard looking 260z, to a Devil like Zed with performance to match. On purchase 2 years ago this fairly standard looking 260z was the start of a vision I’ve had for many years to create a very tough looking, circuit ready Zed with performance

Power & Style Awards - Paul Cawson

Paul Cawson’s Toyota Corolla

UK Corolla GT race car. Arrow crank, Carillo rods, JE pistons, Manley valves, titanium retainers, ultralight flywheel, 12.7:1 CR, unique intake system with 8 injectors (sequentially fired), PACE dry sumped, Pectel T6 ecu 304/Ex 300Toda camshafts

Power & Style Awards - Chris Parry

Chris Parry’s Toyota Supra

Full carbon wide body single turbo supra 750bhp. Comp Billet turbo- 6765, .81ar, 3”v band, T4 Dei turbo blanket, HKS 60mm wastegate, HKS exhaust manifold, all Syvecs sensors, Syvecs standalone ECU, Stage 2 cylinder head – fully ported

Power & Style Awards - Scott Whiteing

Scott Whiteing’s Honda CRX

Banzai and Honda Tuner cover car. Hond-R built track inspired stripped out pocket rocket. Mugen bodied with a host of rare and interesting modifications, K-sport brakes, BC Racing coilovers, more carbon than you can shake a stick at.


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