Anniversary Displays

There’s some big celebrations planned for this year’s Japfest with not just one anniversary display but three! Toyota’s legendary AE86 Corolla turns 35, while both the Mazda RX-7 and Toyota Supra celebrate the big four zero and to mark this occasion we’re putting on three anniversary displays that will showcase the best examples of these Japanese icons from across the UK.

Toyota Corolla AE86: The fifth generation of Toyota’s Corolla was launched in 1983 and its lightweight chassis, tuneable 4A-GEU engine and rear wheel drive configuration soon helped it become a legend amongst the modified car community.

Mazda RX-7 sponsored by RotaryMotion: In 1978 Mazda launched its first generation of the now legendary RX-7. Sharing the same front engine, rear-drive characteristics that made the AE86 so popular, the RX-7 was an instant success in Japan. You’ll be sure to see many of these iconic cars spread out throughout the show but make sure to check out all three generations at the Anniversary Display as well as displays from sponsors RotaryMotion including the Veilside Fortune Mazda RX-7, Kamikaze Mazda RX-8 Supercharged and the unveiling of the Mazda RX-7 FD3S GT Race Car.

Rotary Motion will also be offering visitors 20% off all servicing, repairs, and engine re-builds booked at the showas well as free prize entry draw and Arena talks on 'History of the RX7', 'Who's a Wankel' and 'Why Rotary for Track & Race'.

Toyota Supra: Just like Mazda, Toyota also launched their now legendary sports coupe in 1978; we are of course talking about the first generation Supra that was derived from the Toyota Celica. You’ll see every generation of the Supra in our all-encompassing Anniversary Display, from classic Celica Supra to hero-power MK4 builds. Head to the Parade Arena at 12:00 to see these cars in action on their parade lap. We are delighted to have the MKIV Supra Owners Club joining the display!

About the Club:

The MKIV Supra Owners Club officially started on the 25th of April 2001. Which originated from another owners club. The club started with 90 members in the first 9 months and saw continued growth over the following years to were we are now with around 45,000 members all passionate about the MKIV Supra. During that time we have amassed a huge technical library of everything on the Supra. With a community of friendly helpful people who really do know these cars inside and out. The group has around 11 event organisers situated all over the UK, so no mater were you are in the country there will always be something going on as a club, from regional meets, to larger national club meetings & everything in between, we are much than just a forum we are a community of Supra enthusiasts.